Week 5 - Blue squares, grey squares, red squares

What a beautiful day! 22 degrees and sun is out, the air cool and breezy after a week of thunder and lightning. Last night I danced until sunrise, the vibrating bass of Bicep’s electro shaking away the cobwebs and massaging out the stress. I woke up at 3pm and went out for a long stroll, feeling confident with my sleeves rolled up in the warm weather, airing my new tattoo. I just returned to the flat, it’s early evening now, and I thought I’d get my weekly blog post in while I’m  feeling peaceful and content.

Early morning in the city

Early morning in the city


After over a month here, I really feel that starting to get beneath the skin of Budapest, making real friends and moving beyond the beaten tourist tracks. The city and it’s people can seem somewhat dour at first, but as with anywhere, the vibrancy, creativity and welcome are always waiting, and eventually bubble up to make a city feel like home.

After saying goodbye to my friend Henning on Monday, who had been visiting last weekend, It was time to get stuck into the art of my project. The beginning of the week was a little mired in tutorials for Substance Painter & Designer, which I’ll be using to create the textures and materials of Sentenced, but it was all worthwhile, and the softwares are a huge amount of fun to use. I also made a spreadsheet listing all the assets I’ll need to create on the project, to help organise myself. Unfortunately, due to it’s size and my liberal use of the colour red, it has only served to exacerbate my anxiety rather than assuage it, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Blue squares

Grey squares

Red Squares

For the last year, my life in London had become a debaucherous blend of alcohol, takeaway dinner, fine food & love, which while fun is pretty disastrous for one’s health, so I’ve gotten back into running again. While I wasn't overweight, I was definitely more tired most of the time than I should have been due to the sedentary nature of my work, but I can begin to feel my body coming alive again. It’s good to have time for some self development! Someone remind me who decided we needed eight hours of work, five days a week again?

Next week: more art on Sentenced, and my family visit for the weekend.

Keep it weird!