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“Although the name of executioner is still hated by many, and it is perceived as a bloody, inhuman and tyrannical office, he does not sin before God or the world if he acts on orders, not of his own will but out of Justice, as God’s servant.” - J. Damhouder, 1565

About sentenced

How far will you go in the name of duty?

Take on the role of Executioner for Ulrichshafen, a fictional 17th Century European city. On behalf of their Lords players will mete out justice to those who break the laws of the realm, and be assessed on their competence over multiple scenarios.

Sentenced VR is a Virtual Reality exploration of the relationship between personal conscience and obedience to authority.
As the game progresses, players will be asked to follow orders that become less morally justified, forcing them to confront how far they are willing to go when guilt conflicts with duty.

Master the art of beheading, become an agent of authority, enact a divine drama of justice, death, and redemption.


Virtual reality 

Sentenced was designed specifically for Virtual Reality. In a traditional computer game, an act of killing is reduced to a button press, and enemies are often dehumanized. This will not be the case in Sentenced VR.
Will you be able to look your convicts in the eye before you swing the sword?



A crowd gathers, eagerly awaiting the grizzly spectacle of public execution. The town Beadle announces the crime and sentence of the poor sinner, allowing them to say a few final words. Do they ask for divine forgiveness, or are they unrepentant? Regardless, it falls to you, the executioner, to perform the bloody climax in this drama of sin and redemption.


Developer: Samuel Gordon

Release Date: 2019

Platforms: Steam VR (HTC VIVE) (Oculus Support planned later)